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Hello, thanks for visiting my page.  Whatever brings you here, take some time to explore what I can offer if you are considering investing in some support at this time.


It could be that you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, maybe you are stuck, have a personal goal, or are struggling with motivation. Perhaps you feel like with some support or someone in your corner who listens to you and 'gets it' things could be different from how they currently are. My style is down to earth and genuine - I enjoy what I do and am enthusiastic about people's ability to adapt and evolve - it CAN be done - I witness people doing so regularly!


I talk with Adults of all ages on a weekly basis, doing so can help us manage the issues we are currently facing, common topics of discussion relate to experiences of depression, anxiety, bereavement, or family dynamics and relationships. Feelings of being lost or 'stuckness' are also common, talking things through can provide clarity and sense of direction.


You don't have to discuss a specific topic all week every week! Often issues are entwined with how we relate to others, and this means aspects such as communication, assertiveness, self esteem and ambitions or goals can often provide useful insights. I particularly enjoy working around issues relating to confidence, self belief and motivation.


There can be all manner of reasons for investing in some support, for some it will be a new experience and can feel a big step. If you're feeling anxious about getting in touch, wondering if your issue is too big or not big enough, thats OK - a lot of people I meet with are first time clients - if you haven't accessed a service like this before, you'll hopefully be pleasantly surprised at how simple getting started is.


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I look forward to hearing from you! All the best, GP



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