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Helping everyday people to maintain a healthy mind, body, and life with fun, straightforward individualised training!

Fun Fact! Integrating Mental & Physical Health has been something I've wanted to do for a very long time!


I know that a lot of people are wary of exercise for many reasons - bad experiences growing up, being a bit rubbish at sports when at school (or having bad teachers), feeling self conscious or finding the idea of gyms or exercise spaces as intimidating and not particularly inviting environments. Fears around getting injured, or horror stories about bootcamp style instructors, can make us feel this is something for other people. You also might have signed up to a gym and then not attended much due to feeling like you weren't really sure what to do or how to progress.


I get it, and have felt some of that too at times, which is why I have been working away on my personal development to add to my skills and become qualified to help others getting moving, which I am glad to say has been a fun and satisfying experience, travelling up to Bristol to Bradley Stoke Leisure Centre and working towards first my Level 2 Gym Instructor and then Level 3 Personal Trainer certificates, which included a Level 3 Nutrition to Support Physical Activity component.


My intention is to provide a service for anxious or first time exercisers that is firstly enjoyable, and secondly sustainable! Wait, wait, hear me out, I can sense you rolling your eyes! Making lasting changes to health is a lifelong journey and lifestyle - it needs to be sustainable, not a punishment, or something that has to be endured. If it isn't fun, why the hell would you do it? By finding out the type of stuff you like, or trying a few different training styles, I'm confident I can provide a training experience that can be fun, as well as effective in meeting your goals and being something that once you have learnt, you can integrate into your existing lifestyle moving forwards.


If you think you might like to work with me and you are in the Bridgwater / Burnham on Sea or Taunton areas - get in touch, email is probably best, and we can discuss things in a bit more detail!





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