If you're considering getting in touch to arrange a meeting, this section gives a bit of a snapshot of who I am, how I got here, and what I can offer. 

How I work depends on the working relationship that we form as a collaboration - it's important to me that you choose someone who is a good fit for you!


I began operating my private practice in Bridgwater in 2016, before that I practiced within a counselling agency working with a wide demographic of individuals and issues. I've experienced counselling people within settings as diverse as homeless hostels and schools.

I retrained as a counsellor via adult education, following many years of project worker roles supporting people. Initially wanting to hone my listening and communication skills, this escalated quickly (like things do!) into a training period of 5 years worth of study, group work, and clinical placements. Returning to the classroom was a challenge, it meant getting out of my comfort zone and putting down plenty of baggage I'd carried around for years. I quickly figured out that it's never too late to start afresh and make some changes.


Developing skills to consider my own experiences as sources of learning, lived experiences and common problems became part of my toolkit rather than labels or things that weighed me down. Old perceived weaknesses or character defects became strengths. Seeking help myself no longer felt like a failure. Let me tell you, meeting regularly in an encouraging supportive environment, can and does work wonders for the confidence. Having raised the bar, my sense of purpose and goals evolved - long story short here I am!


The longer I've done this, the greater my appreciation and sense of purpose I feel when making positive connections with people, even though it is often in difficult circumstances. Getting support is a massive strength, and can be life changing and life saving. When a person makes contact and walk through the door, they always have my utmost respect.


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