Privacy Statement & Policies

Information Commissioner's Office Registration - 


To demonstrate good practice, effective data management and my professional commitment to you, my client, I am registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office under registration number ZA253759.


This is checkable by clicking HERE.

Privacy Statement & GDPR-


It may have come to your attention that there has been some recent legislation updates regarding Personal Data - the GDPR regulations affect you as a Client.

Information about your personal data - How and why it is obtained, when it may be processed and on what grounds, methods of storage, how long it is retained for and disposed are all explained, as well as information about your rights. To fully understand how I manage things please email for a copy of the Privacy Statement

Social Media Policy -


Social Media has become a part of everyday life for some - occasionally we may bump into each other online, just as we might at the supermarket.

Confidentiality extends to everyday life outside the counselling room, and social media is included.


Read how I engage ethically and professionally on web based applications while maintaining appropriate boundaries, and how we can use reap the benefits of social media channels without blurring professional boundaries or compromising your own confidentiality or online safety by requesting a copy by email


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